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The vineyards

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Abruzzo: a region between the Apennines and the Adriatic sea

A favourable geographical position and the proximity to the Adriatic coast in the East and to the Majella and Gran Sasso mountains in the West/Southwest affect the climate of the entire region, making it typically Mediterranean.  

The area further South, where Cantina Jasci’s vineyards are located, benefits from strong temperature variations between day and night and the Adriatic sea breeze that is rich of salinity. This micro climate is ideal for producing grapes of an excellent quality in a unique and yet not well-known landscape. 

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Our roots are in Histonium

The Vastese area is historically one of Abruzzo’s most suited provinces for viticulture. The majority of the local wine production is concentrated in this territory that is located in the southern border of the region. 

The vines that breathe here give strong, feisty and firm fruits that know how to take the credit they are entitled to without any help. When you manage to control their exuberance, the grapes of Histonium (the old name of Vasto) are transformed into elegant and noble wines, presenting vivid but soft tannins and a delicate and sea scented salinity reminiscent of the Adriatic breeze.  

The Jasci family has been living in Histonium for generations, producing great quality wines combining the natural process with the experience gained over a decade of work. Ours wines are typical of the region, bonded to the land and to the grape variety of origin.

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